1. 課堂安排

1.1. 一經付費確認的課堂,如臨時缺席課堂,將當作自動放棄論,已繳交之學費不會退還,亦不能轉報其他課堂。

1.2. 如學生請假或調堂,需於課堂前5天通知,學生可以選擇調補同期的課堂(30天內),但不會退還已繳交之學費。

1.3. 由於臨時調班會產生額外行政費用,如在上堂前5天內調動課堂,一律需要額外收取定額改堂費用$100。而私人班在上堂前5天內調動,一律需要額外收取定額行政費用$300。

1.4. 若因課堂報名人數不足或其他原因,而需要取消該課堂,PRODANCE會於課堂前1天WHATSAPP通知或電話聯絡學生有關課程之取消。學生可以選擇報讀另一個相同價錢的課堂,或辦理退款。

1.5. 如有需要,PRODANCE保留一切更改原定課堂之上課時間、內容及導師之權利。

2. 颱風安排

2.1. 如遇上颱風(八號或以上)或黑色暴雨警告訊號發出,課堂將會取消。一般情況下,如八號或以上颱風或黑色暴雨警告訊號在開課前2小時除下,課程將照常進行。

2.2. 當懸掛八號(或以上)強風訊號,正在進行中的課堂將會取消。

2.3. 當黑色暴雨警告發出時,正在進行中的課堂將照常進行。

2.4. 所有因颱風或暴雨警告訊號取消之課堂,所有常規課堂將不設補堂(除特別課堂外)。

3. 其他條款

3.1. 課堂期間不得擅自進行錄音、錄影及拍照。

3.2. 學生應已知悉PRODANCE於活動期間有機會拍照或錄影作日後宣傳及推廣用途。

3.3. 課堂進行期間,請學生小心保管閣下的私人財物,如有任何損失,PRODANCE概不負責。

3.4. PRODANCE保留隨時修改有關條款及細則之權利而無需另行通知。 如有任何爭議,將以PRODANCE之最終決定為準。

4. 私隱條例聲明

PRODANCE 在此收集之個人資料(包括姓名、電話、傳真、電郵及郵寄地址等),將謹用作本校聯絡及課程或活動推廣之用途。 除上述用途外,我們不會以任何形式出售、租借或轉讓給任何人士或組織。

※如閣下不欲收到本校之推廣資料,可將學生姓名、電話等資料Whatsapp或電郵至 cs@prodancehk.com,主題請註明「不欲收取prodancehk推廣資訊」。


Terms and Conditions

The following terms are used to protect the rights and interests of students and teachers. We hope that everyone can respect each other!

1. Class Arrangements

1.1.Once the booking and payment is done, any absent will be deemed to be waived automatically, and the tuition fee will not be refunded, nor transferred to other classes.

1.2. If students apply for leave or transfer classes, they need to be notified 5 days before class. Students can choose to make up for the same period (within 30 days), but the tuition fees paid will not be refunded.

1.3. Since temporary class transfers will incur additional administrative costs, if the class is transferred within 5 days before the start of the class, an additional fixed class change fee of $100 will be charged. For private classes transferred within 5 days before class, an additional fixed administrative fee of $300 will be charged.

1.4. If the class needs to be cancelled due to insufficient students or other reasons, PRODANCE will notify via Whatsapp or call the student about the cancellation of the class 1 day before the class. Students can choose another class at the same price or request for a refund.

1.5. If necessary, PRODANCE reserves the right to change the original class time, content and tutors.

2. Typhoon Arrangements

2.1. In the event of a typhoon (No. 8 or above) or a black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted, the class will be cancelled. In normal situations, if the typhoon signal of No. 8 or above or the black rainstorm warning signal is replaced by lower warning signals or is cancelled 2 hours before the start of the class, the class will resume as normal.

2.2.When the strong wind signal No. 8 (or above) is hoisted, the ongoing class will be cancelled.

2.3.When the black rainstorm warning is hoisted, the ongoing class will proceed.

2.4.All classes cancelled due to a typhoon or rainstorm warning signal, all regular classes will not have make-up classes (except for special classes).

3. Other Terms

3.1. During the class, recording, video recording and photographing are not allowed unless tutor approved.

3.2.Students should be aware that all photos or videos token by PRODANCE will treat as advertising materials for future publicity and promotion purposes

3.3.During the class, please take care of your personal belongings. PRODANCE will not be responsible for any loss.

3.4.PRODANCE reserves the right to modify “these” terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the final decision of PRODANCE will prevail.

4. Privacy Policy Statement

The personal data collected by PRODANCE (including name, phone number, fax, email and mailing address, etc.) will be used for the purpose of contacting the school and promoting courses or activities. Except for the above purposes, we will not sell or transfer to any person or organisation in any form.

※If you do not want to receive promotional materials from us, you can send the student’s name, phone number and other information to our Whatsapp or email to cs@prodancehk.com. Please indicate “Do not want to receive prodancehk promotional materials”.